The Sticker That Can Save Your Child’s Life

A car seat safety sticker is a wallet-sized sticker that you can adhere to the back or side of your child’s car seat. It contains critical information filled out by you about the child for first responders should the driver become unconscious or seriously injured due to an accident or other incident.

The sticker contains placeholders for the information you should include: the child’s name, the names and contact information of the parents or guardians, in addition to emergency contacts, as well as the child’s doctor or pediatrician. Most importantly, you should include information about any known allergies or medications your child might be taking.

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Numbers to Consider

Children injured daily in traffic crashes in the US
People die in car crashes every year
of kids have an allergy

A-Abana Car Seat Safety Sticker Project

A-Abana Auto Insurance was founded in 1975 and since the early days we have prided ourselves on not only reaching for excellence in the services we offer, but also striving to find ways to keep you the customer and your family safe and protected. We have a long history of serving our local communities through more than 30 neighborhood locations across Nevada and Texas.

Our agency established this program aimed at bringing car safety awareness to the communities we serve by hosting and participating in local events with our business partners, community groups and organizations. We are spreading the word about this simple yet powerful measure to help protect children in cases of emergency while in a vehicle.

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